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How do I know which level of God’s Word for Life to use for my students?

For children, God’s Word for Life is broken down into five levels: Little Learners, Kindergarten, Early Elementary, Late Elementary, and MOVE!. While a recommended age is provided, each level is distinguished by the style of teaching.

Little Learners

(ages 2–3)

Little Learner is written for toddlers who have not yet entered preschool. In this level, the content is student-driven.


(ages 4–5)

Kindergarten is written for children who are currently in preschool or kindergarten. These children have been introduced to a classroom setting, but still require large amounts of playtime. In this level, the content is a mix of being student- and teacher-driven.

Early Elementary

(grades 1–3)

Early Elementary is written for children who have entered elementary school. Because these students’ thinking skills are still largely concrete and literal, the Life Lesson applications focus on the here and now, with some introduction to abstract thinking. The content is teacher-driven, with a focus on hands-on activities, games, and object lessons.

Late Elementary

(grades 4–6)

Late Elementary is written for older elementary students who will eventually be transitioning into youth. As children mature, they develop the ability to think abstractly and comprehend the deeper meaning of things. In this level, the content is teacher-driven, with a focus on discussion and hands-on application.


(ages 5–12)

MOVE! is written for classes containing a wide range of ages from 5–12. If your church places all children in one classroom or gymnasium, small or large, MOVE! is designed for you.

Equip families to grow together during the week with the God's Word for Families daily devotional!

God’s Word for Families is a family devotional that helps parents partner with teachers in the discipleship process. Each of the 365 daily devotional activities reinforce what is being taught in the classroom each week.

Focused Instruction

Each God’s Word for Life lesson is built around an age-appropriate Truth About God designed to introduce kids into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Lesson Guide

The 112-page guide provides the lesson content for leaders and teachers to present in Sunday school, home school, or any teaching environment. It is available in both print and digital formats.

Activity Pages

In each lesson, every student needs an Activity Page. Prompts in the leader guide will help you incorporate the activity page into class, and then you can send it home with students as they leave.

Resource Kit

The Resource Kit provides essential supplements to make the lesson come alive. With posters, extra craft pieces, and a video for each lesson.

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