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Daily Devotional Guide

A new tool to lead students into Scripture each day of the week.

Guiding your students in becoming lifelong Apostolic disciples is an enormous task to accomplish in just an hour on Sunday or Wednesday. Now you can expand your ministry with a tool that guides students in Bible study every day of the week.

This guide for youth (ages 12-18) provides a daily Bible passage connected to the week’s lesson and a corresponding devotion. Each day ends with a final challenge to apply the message of God’s Word with both junior high and senior high options.

Make your teaching complete with this student resource by incorporating student feedback into class time. (Prompts are  provided in the Leader Guide to help.) Additionally you can calendar the materials to coincide one of two ways:


Instruct students to complete the accompanying devotional material during the week to reinforce the Bible passages already taught in the lesson at church.



Teach one week behind the suggested schedule in this Leader Guide so students interact with the Bible passages for the lesson during the week at home before the lesson. This option would allow for additional discussion since students will have already reviewed lesson content in advance.

Resource Kit

Social media aids and a supplement for ministering to students with additional needs.

Take advantage of the Youth Resource Kit for a robust collection of teaching tools to make each week exciting and engaging. Contents include:

  • A video for each lesson
  • A poster for each of the three series
  • A supplement for adapting each lesson to minister to students affected by disabilities
  • Excerpts from Word Aflame Press books for additional research
  • Social medial calendar and suggested practices
  • Graphics package

Leader Guide

Everything a teacher needs to lead students in an engaging class.

A great lesson comes to life when a teacher feels confident and equipped. Designed intentionally for easy at-a-glance navigation, this Leader Guide provides everything a teacher needs to direct a class through each lesson. The junior and senior high breakout design allows the leader to easily move between activities and instruction to pick the most age-appropriate material for the class along with the split-column design for opening and closing options. An easy-to-follow outline style provides a clear-cut way to teach the Bible lesson and facilitate an engaging class.

Breakout content for both Jr. and Sr. High demographics allows you to tailor any lesson to the unique needs of your group

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